Okay, we don’t have a film quite yet, but we do have a lot of footage to tinker with to make it into one.

The entire cast and crew were terrific, and despite some very challenging, long days at various locations around Brisbane, we were able to get the film in the can. No, not the bathroom.

Massive thanks to everyone who worked on the project, and an extra thank you to those that went the extra mile(s) traveling up from Sydney, those who donated their time, those who spent many hours in “pre” finding locations, cast, props and costumes… and those who worked late into the night cooking and catering or writing call sheets for the next day. Troops, this one really was a combined effort.

I’ll let it sit for a week now, catch up on some sleep, then get into “post”.

Earl: Marshall Napier
Kathy: Emma Randall
Amos: Mungo McKay
Amos: Brent Dunner
Carol: Karyn Verco
Gambler: Renaud Jadin
Amos the Goldfish: Frank

Writer, Director: Matt Cerwen
Producers: Tai Dixon, Emma Randall, Matt Cerwen
DP/Operator: Robert Agganis
Production Designer: Robert Herriot
Production Manager: Johancee Theron
Editor: Matt Cerwen
Sound Recordist: Scott Young
Sound Designer: Roger Middenway
Make-up: Andrea Templeman
Camera Assistants: Damon Hamilton, Lillian Carrara
Catering: Tai Dixon
Runner: Ebony Webb

Gear rental provided by Light & Motion, Brisbane

Executive Producers: Matt Cerwen, Tai Dixon